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KNS will integrate all the services required for an exterior restoration or waterproofiong project:


KNS is a certified installer of almost all major roofing systems. We handle small and large projects for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Whether you need a liquid applied system or conventional asphalt roofing and waterproofing, KNS will take care of it.


KNS does all phases of building waterproofing starting with a property’s foundation, to interior and exterior waterproofing and coatings, to caulking and sealing windows. We work with both new and existing structures, using the techniques and materials that stop water penetration.

Green Roofing

We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with roofing materials that conform to environmentally sound practices and standards. Ask us what we can do to make your next roof environmentally friendly.

Metal Panel Systems

KNS has expertise in a full line of exterior wall panel systems including ceramic, composite, and metal. We handle all shop drawings, submittals and design services covering every phase of installation. KNS will work with your engineer or architect throughout the project to ensure successful installation of systems.

Sheet Metal

KNS fabricates all flashing and sheet metal accessories for a project in our on-premises, fully stocked metal shop.

Structural Steel

In the course of a restoration project, deteriorated or corroded steel member are occasionally uncovered. KNS will work with your architect and engineer to remove, replace or repair damaged steel.

Local Law II

KNS provides full on-site inspections conforming to New York City DOB requirements. We install and rig all our own equipment, and work closely with building owners, consultants, and architects to properly document and identify problems.

Masonry Restoration

KNS is accomplished in all aspects masonry restoration, from small point projects to multi-million dollar façade restorations. We work with brick, stone, and terracotta, handling everything from patching and repair replacements to full replacement. We use the highest quality materials from JAHN Restoration Mortars for repair, to Boston Valley and Gladden McBeene for replacements.


KNS can meet any and all rigging needs. KNS’ principals are both licensed riggers, and the company offers a range of options including suspended and pipe scaffolding.

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